Inclusive Play Bicycle tour Utrecht

On November 5, 2021, a bicycle tour took place along three of the samenspeeltuinen in Utrecht. The tour was organized by Playing Together in Utrecht.  A program supported by Zet  and Empowerment by Playing On the website of the Utrecht playgrounds this cheerful video of the bike ride.  The tour took in three of the 7 playgrounds in Utrecht; playground Bankaplein, playground Noordsepark and Griftsteede.   The municipality of Utrecht is one of the partners that signed the SamenSpeelAkkoord two years ago and made a play promise. Participants in the tour were people from organizations connected to the SamenSpeelNetwork. In times of covid19 this bicycle tour was one of the few opportunities to really meet each other, exchange ideas and play together. With the bicycle tour Utrecht shows what has been done in recent years to make playing together possible in Utrecht.



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