UNIEKIES a coöperatieve inclusive board game truly unique in its kind

Proud and happy! The first seed was planted 11 years ago (!). We wanted to develop a game that stimulates children to play together and let them experience that playing together is fun and cpossible. A game that contributes to a positive image of children about disabilities.
And we succeeded! Together with Earthgames I proudly present Uniekies! A cooperative experience game for children aged 7 and up.
In many ways truly unique in its kind.
– It is a cooperative game. You play it together and win or lose the game together.
– It is an inclusive game. Everyone, young and old, with or without disabilities can participate. For example, all texts have a QR code. Scan the code and the text is read aloud. Great for players with a visual impairment and players who can’t read or read less well.
– The game was developed together with children. Children with and without disabilities have been thinking and playing along from the beginning. While playing together we came to the final super cool version.
– It is a game that makes you happy. There are crazy assignments in it that you can only accomplish together. Fun guaranteed. You work together and therefore there are no losers.
– It is a muddy game. The goal of the game is to get the water in the playground flowing again so everyone can play with mud.
– It is a game completely developed and made in the Netherlands.
Well that seems like enough advertising 😊. I would say go to Earth Games Uniekies Coöperatief belevingsspel , buy the game and find out for yourself. Just the unpacking and getting everything ready is already a feast 😉 .

There is one problem, the game description and all texts are in Dutch. If you need help with the translation, let me know. I can provide (online) help.

Our dream is to release UNIEKIES in English and Spanish as well.


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