In the eyes of a child

I saw this wonderful video “In the eye of a child”
From Associación Noemi

Parents and young children (pre-schoolers) take part in a game together.
On a screen, they see children and adults making funny faces. The participants imitate the crazy faces.
Except for one child. The children cheerfully imitate her funny face, but the parents do not…What is going on here?

This video shows how young children in their play and learning do not judge, they discover, they investigate. If someone makes a funny face, you imitate them, whoever they are. Adults also perceive the person in the picture and project assumptions onto them. Assumptions that make them think it is or is not appropriate to imitate the mad face.

I would like to see this experiment with slightly older children. When does this adult mechanism kick in and can we influence it?
I think we can. By bringing children into contact with each other at an early age and giving them the opportunity to play with each other, prejudice will be much less likely to occur.

The video is made by Associación Noemi, The Noémi Association is a non-profit association.  Its mission is to change the way people with multiple disabilities are viewed and approached, by offering tools to professionals and parents to better address the problems of daily life (information, training, research, materials).


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