SpelenMaar Pop up Loose parts playground

Children in the Netherlands play less and less outside, also children in Wageningen. The corona crisis has reinforced this negative trend.

To turn the tide, I started SpelenMaar together with Johanna Schröder and Franziska Nath from Creatiefhuis Wageningen. SpelenMaar is a pop up loose parts playground.

At the end of March 2022 we received a grant from Wageningen Doet. With this grant we can really start our plan. April 3, we popped up small at the Spring Market in Wageningen, on May 5, during the May 5 festival, we will pop up larger. This way we gain experience for the official kick-off on Saturday, June 11 and the SpelenMaar on tour in the summer.

But what is SpelenMaar? SpelenMaar is a program to stimulate creative, adventurous and free play in Wageningen, to create rich play environments and to promote knowledge exchange about play.

SpelenMaar is a movable playground and pops up wherever children are.
The pop up playground offers children the opportunity to play freely with loose materials such as boxes, cloths, car tires, planks, ropes, duct tape etc. This type of playground finds its basis in Denmark where the concept of the Loose Parts Adventure Playground was developed. We apply the proven concept in Wageningen and surroundings.

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