Typically SpelenmaaR

SpelenmaaR is on tour in Wageningen. Little by little people know us. How we know? Some children come to play for the second or sometimes even third time! These experienced Playmates know what we have in the trailer, grab what they need and get to work right away.  We ourselves are also getting the hang of the whole thing. We now know how many and what kind of boxes we need each event, the stuff in the trailer finds a fixed place and, very important, we know our playtoppers! Playtoppers are the things we absolutely have to take with us because the experienced Spelenmaarders ask for them and they give a lot of fun every time, wherever we are.

Some of the toppers; the laminate, the yellow pipes and…. the typewriter!

For the past two times, the typewriter has been the motor for wonderful, diverse playtime fun. The children had never actually seen such a machine before, let alone been allowed to touch it, try it out and investigate. The fact that there was no more ink in it was no problem at all. Stories were typed, a real office was set up and one of the children said, while investigating where exactly the bell was, “SpelenmaaR is actually a discovery factory!

Exactly, a typewriter next to the car tires is typ(e)-i-cal for SpelenmaaR.


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