Fun with car tires

If you ask an adult “What can you do with a car tire?” your answer will probably be “roll, sit” . It turns out that the tires at SpelenmaaR can do much more than serve as seats or roll around. Watch and be amazed. With every SpelenmaaR there is another surprising application. With all the fun of playing with tires, the incredible film La Roue by the French artist Francis Alÿs popped up. We are wondering whether we will ever spot this use of tires at SpelenmaaR…..


Freshmen from the Johannes Fontanus Technasium in Baraneveld designed an inclusive play ground

Nüdel Kart

Conference outdoor play in Wageningen

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SamenSpeelUitjes (Inclusive Play Events) spring 2023

Workshop Inclusive play municipalities West Brabant West

Discovering your talent with the Nüdel Kart

Starter kit “public inclusive playground”ready for use

EbP was present at the Child in the city world conference Dublin 2022

Nüdel Inventors at the school olympiad


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