A playful game to start inclusion

I am known as a person who likes to play and with a lot of knowledge about inclusive play, so the Disability Inclusion Lab from Light for the World Netherlands invited me to participate in their international team meeting this week.

Purpose of the meeting:  To develop a prototype for a serious game about inclusion in one day.

I love this kind of invitations, so I joined the team and had a wonderful day with as a result four playful and serious prototypes of games about inclusion.

It was great to discuss the ins and outs about inclusion with inclusion experts from all over the world (Uganda, South Sudan, Cambodia, India, the Netherlands) and translate our insights into a playful game.

The game will be used in companies and NGO’s  to start the discussion about inclusion and to introduce the Disability Inclusion Score Card (DISC). The DISC is developed by Light for the World.It is a monitoring tool to measure inclusion at an organizational level. It measures how inclusive an organization is with a set of detailed inclusion criteria. The tool helps to identify the strengths and opportunities for change in terms of making an organization more inclusive.





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