SpelenmaaR Leeffestival Wageningen

On Sunday 3 July 2022, part of the market square in Wageningen was the domain of children. SpelenmaaR had descended on it for the Leeffestival.
The market was littered with all kinds of loose items. Cloths, boxes, planks, tyres, sticks, pots and much more.
All these items were accompanied by the sign “Children are the boss here”.

The children did not need any more encouragement.
They built, they chilled, they fought with swords and sticks, became robots. Created an enormous bed with room for five, a hut village, a slide, a springboard and a strange work of art.  Floors were laid, marble paths designed and hula hoops made with bicycle tyres.
The adults sat on the sidelines enjoying the children’s enthusiasm for building and their enormous creativity . Some mums and dads joined in enthusiastically and sometimes even lost themselves in the game. “Dad, are we going now?” “No, just finishing this marble track…”
It is clear that SpelenmaaR meets the enormous desire and urge of children (and adults:-)) to be totally absorbed in outdoor play that they create themselves.
Various studies have shown that children get less and less opportunity to do so. Playgrounds are dull, loose materials are cleared away and just wandering around is often not allowed.
SpelenmaaR want to change this. At the Leeffestival and also during the Wageningen Children’s Culture Summer.
You can find SpelenmaaR at various places in the city in the coming weeks. See our agenda. Is your neighbourhood not mentioned or do you not live in Wageningen and do you want SpeenmaaR to come to you? Please contact us and  will see what is possible.
SpelenmaaR wants to get all children outside, away from the screen and enjoy playing games themselves.


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